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potential & dream clients through marketing 

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When I first became a health practitioner, I went about it all the wrong way.

I thought I was doing the right things:

  • Getting two clinic rooms in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne
  • Ordering business cards
  • Collaborating with anyone who would take me on

But instead, I lost about $10,000 over the first 3 months. In fact, I was earning more as a sales assistant at my casual job than I was as a degree-qualified nutritionist!

Not to mention I was burning out and exhausted - I knew there had to be a better way to do it all.

Now it's my job to save you from making those same mistakes. I want you to become successful in your business - whether you want to work full-time as a practitioner, leverage yourself and help thousands, or you're considering a side hustle to pay the bills and allow you to find your place in the health world.

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