Get in front of your dream clients with the NEW Health Virtual Assistant Directory!

Being a virtual assistant or service provider in the health world is a pretty kickass job (at least in my opinion!) You get to work with the people you want to, on your terms, and around the life you want to lead. But the one thing that so many VAs stumble over is finding their clients - particularly when they are first starting out.

Because yep, just like any business, you need to market yourself to build a client base. Word of mouth is definitely a thing, but it's often not enough when you're still building your reputation or when your stream of potential clients dries up. And that can be a bit of a rude shock! 

But what if you could get your face, services & skills in front of dozens of potential clients every single month, with minimal effort?


Introducing: The Health Virtual Assistant Directory

That's right - you can list yourself on a Directory that is specifically for people in the health profession who are looking for a VA!

So instead of spending hours every single week hustling to find clients, your listing is doing the work for you - even when you're sleeping or relaxing. 

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You see, I receive enquiries every single week from health practitioners, business owners and companies looking for virtual assistants. 

And to be honest, 95% of those enquiries are not a fit for my services (or availability!) So I would much rather direct these client opportunities to like-minded VAs who love to work in the health world just like I do.

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So what does a Directory Listing look like?

Each listing includes:

  • Your own page on the site (so you can always send potential clients directly to view what you have to offer)
  • Your photo - for that added Know Like Trust factor
  • Title of your choice
  • Searchable categories & keywords to describe your services and skills
  • Details of what you have to offer
  • Which platforms/systems you work with
  • Your best contact details (e.g. email, social media, website)

PLUS you'll also get an open section for other important information that helps people to decide if you’re the VA for them - whether it's your personality, your astrological signs & Human Design, your education, your qualifications... whatever you feel will help you to stand out and attract the right clients!

Ready to get started?

Let's get you listed on the Directory!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get listed on the Directory?

Easy peasy! Claim a 6 month earlybird spot by hitting the button above (or below!) This also means you’ll get earlybird renewal pricing

If you’re a member of the Health VA Crash Course as of June 1st 2024, you receive 6 months free listing. Please check your emails for details.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is a health virtual assistant or service provider who works specifically with those in the health space. We’re talking:

  • All-rounder virtual assistants
  • Website and graphic designers
  • Copywriters and editors
  • Online business managers (OBMs)
  • Recipe developers
  • Social media content creators and managers
  • Event coordinators
  • Ad managers
  • Podcast managers

The only other requirement is that you want your offers in front of more people in the health world! You can be based anywhere in the world, have any level of experience, be a student, qualified practitioner, or simply a health enthusiast… we want a beautiful variety of all of these because it means every potential client has a greater chance of finding their perfect fit!

What does the listing include?

The listing contains a full page of you, your skills and what you have to offer! Depending on the information you submit, this can include:

  • Your name and preferred title (e.g. health virtual assistant, copywriter, designer)
  • Your photo
  • Categories & keywords for your services and skills
  • What you offer and which platforms/systems you work with
  • Timezone & preference for communication
  • A section for other important information that helps people to decide if you’re the VA for them
  • How to contact you (email, social media, website can all be listed here)

Is the subscription set to automatically renew?

Not for 2024, as I will be on maternity leave and I don’t want any tech oopsies to happen when I can’t help to fix them!

Once you opt in for a 2025 listing, the payment process will be automated. However, you will get notification a couple of days before, so you can always cancel your subscription if you’re no longer needing new clients or have wound down your VA availability.

Can I edit my listing if something changes?

For 2024 listings, unfortunately not. The listings will be final once they are uploaded to the site. Of course, I will correct minor spelling and grammar when they are put on the site, but you need to ensure that your services, contact details and keywords are all accurate.

Once the 2025 listing option becomes available, I will be adding this as an option. You will have a set number of edits that you can do over your subscription period, but after that, there will be an admin fee.

Why is being listed on the Directory going to benefit me?

There are a couple of reasons!

Firstly, it’s a great place to showcase yourself if you don’t currently have a website or social media platform. It’s also far more affordable than having your own site when you’re first starting out!

Secondly, it sets you up to be in the funnel for VA requests I get on a weekly basis. Every single month, I receive anywhere from 10-50 enquiries across social media, messages and emails from health practitioners & businesses about VAs. The Directory is now going to be the primary place that all of these people get sent to!

Then there are additional benefits such as more people seeing your offers than your current marketing channels, better SEO working in your favour (especially if your site is new or if your listing includes a backlink to your site) and higher credibility & trust with potential clients. But you get the idea!