Launch Without Burnout Guide

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Launch Without Burnout Guide

Launch Without Burnout Guide

This handy guide will cover: 

  • Laying the foundations before you're even in launch mode - including what you're launching, who it's for, how you're selling it and what the benefits of your offer are
  • Setting up your pre-launch to make your launch 10 times easier by utilising tools like waitlists, teaser content, and creating your sales page
  • Running a launch without pulling out your hair or refreshing your emails every 90 seconds - we're talking timeframe, promotions, running free events to boost visibility, and practising self-care & healthy mindset habits
  • Marketing tips to keep your offer at top of mind throughout the entire process (cos you know I love marketing a juicy offer!)
  • The post-launch review and what to do no matter what the outcome - yes, even if it's a total flop of a launch
  • How to tailor everything to suit your unique strengths, skills and preferences - because no one will smash a launch if they have to follow a plan that they loathe!
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