Blog Templates For Nutritionists, Naturopaths & Dietitians

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Blog Templates For Nutritionists, Naturopaths & Dietitians

Download 25 done-for-you blog templates. Yep, that means if you publish one per fortnight, you can have an ENTIRE YEAR of blogs ready to roll out in just a couple of hours!

These blogs are specifically designed for health practitioners - particularly nutritionists, naturopaths and dietitians. The topics covered are:

  • Sleep tips
  • Mindful eating
  • Increasing water intake
  • Hydrating foods
  • Anti-inflammatory foods
  • Antioxidants
  • Stress management tips
  • Immune support over winter
  • Increasing fibre intake
  • Healthy shopping tips
  • Understanding food labels
  • Setting achievable health goals
  • Everyday superfoods
  • Self-care tips for the holidays
  • A balanced approach to eating over the holidays
  • Increasing plant foods
  • Making healthy eating more affordable
  • Foods that love your liver
  • Natural ways to boost your energy
  • How to eat healthier
  • Seasonal eating
  • How to have a healthier relationship with food
  • Foods to boost your brain function
  • Simple ways to practice self care daily
  • The truth about detox
  • Healthy hacks you have to try

Each template includes:

  • Content pre-written for you that goes through the topic of each blog
  • References to any studies and/or lesser-known facts that you can link to
  • Areas where you can add a suggestion or comment that is relevant to your biz or reader
  • Ideas for your title, image, introduction and conclusion/call-to-action

PLUS you'll also get a written guide to explain each section, so you know what to tweak and make the article your own.

So it really is the easiest way possible to kickstart your blog!

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